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I Need Some Motivation

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Newsletter Quote of the Week: It started to become what I looked forward to most; it was the only time I got to be in my own head. - Rob Riggle

From The Soul of My Shoe

Lately, I feel like I’m in a running slump. I’m just not excited to run and do not get the euphoric feeling that I once had during my runs. Running used to make me feel less stressed out, however, now, it has become one of my stressors. There are times when I feel that running is just checking off a to-do list.

“Did you make the bed?” - check

“Did you make all the lunches?” - check

“Did you run today?” - check

“Did you buy milk?” - check

I’m not sure exactly when this started, but I do remember feeling this way beginning the training cycle for the 2022 New York City Marathon. My heart was not in it and that definitely translated into my runs. I have been almost obsessively going over how to remedy this issue.

I just completed a course on Health and Science related to Coaching High School Sports and one of the topics discussed at length was mental health and resiliency. This funk that I have myself in has had its effect on my mental wellbeing. I keep beating myself up over why I no longer feel this love of running.

This burnout has to end, but I here are few ways that I came up with that will reignite my love of running again:

Run outside

Lately I have been running a little too much on the treadmill, but since the temperatures are starting to warm-up a bit, hopefully I can meet up with a few NewRo Runners early in the morning for weekday runs

Anyone running around 5/5:30 am - contact me!!

Vary my workouts:

Take a boot camp class (OrangeTheory or Peloton)

Pair running with strength training

Sign-up for a goal race

I have the Shape Half coming up, but I want to redeem my last half marathon time - I just have to stay positive!

Find new running routes

Take a run vacation from our usual running routes and find somewhere new to run (anyone have new routes in mind?!)

Take an active rest day

Power walk instead of run



Take a real rest day - this is REALLY hard for me

Meditation and mindfulness


I know this will take some time, but I must be patient.

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